Tuesday 2 December 2014

Yale Door Master - Wolverhampton Locksmiths

The best UPVC multipoint replacement

I've recently been fitting the Yale Doormaster multi point locking systems. I'm impressed with the quality and how quickly these rescue locks can be installed. The operation is smooth and sturdy and the keeps / strike plates are fully adjustable so they will work first time. A complete system replacement on average will take about 25 minutes with the Yale Doormaster. The separate  keeps and strike plate make a world of the Yale Doormaster make all the difference.

Saturday 15 November 2014

Locksmiths on Facebook :)

I now have a facebook account :) That's right ladies and gentlemen, I am now partially up to date with social networking.

Here is my Locksmith Training page: Locksmith training Facebook page.

Here is my locksmith profile page: Wolverhampton Locksmith profile page

Please go and like us and you will get to see pictures of the locksmith training courses and the locksmith services that I provide.

Wednesday 11 September 2013

The new locksmith training facility

Our new locksmith training facility is taking shape and we are now open for business. It was sad to leave our old premises but we have definitely moved onwards and upwards. More pictures to follow.

Here's our new address:

A' Jam Locksmith Services & Locksmith Training
Unit 3
Ashmore Lake Way
WV12 4LF

Tuesday 13 August 2013

The end of an ERA

Congratulations to Mr Kendrick Whitehead who has completed our locksmith course and is the last person to train at our locksmith training facilities on Stringes Lane, Willenhall.
Thanks to the 100's of people who have chosen to train with us over the last few years, you are all welcome to visit us at our new Locksmith Academy which will be opening soon!

Monday 22 July 2013

Moving to a new premises

The locksmith training school is moving to a new address in the next few weeks. The new premises is bigger, better and rather posh. My locksmith business will still be based in Willenhall, I will post the new address once I've moved in.

For more information on locksmith training courses go to Open all locks

For locksmith services in the West Midlands go to Locksmiths in the West Midlands

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Dudley safe pick in under 5 minutes.


Dudley Safe Picked Easily

This is a Dudley safe that I picked in under 5 minutes. This Dudley safe has a 7 lever post office lock with a square gate, anti-pick levers. Once I got the lock into anti-pick I was able to compress the lever pack and lift the levers into the true gate. This safe was easy to pick.

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