Saturday 29 June 2013

Another SAFE job

Stratford Stronghold Safe

Stratford stronghold safe, I nearly gave up on this one! I had to keep modifying my pick in order to get to the levers and the hold talon without interfering with the back lever. It took a long time to pick but it felt great when I finally got the safe open. The lock was adapted to fit the safe so I switched the levers (in case someone has the original key) then I handmade a new key which worked perfectly. One more happy customer, one very happy locksmith.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Sentry 1330 Safe

Sentry 1330 - 3 Wheel Fixed Combination Safe

I really love doing these locksmith jobs. For this safe I used the scope and parked wheels. I got the safe open, decoded the wheels and then reassembled the mechanism. The Sentry 1330 Safe was not hard to open but using the scope does cause neck and back ache, I still wouldn't swap my job though.