Wednesday 6 July 2011

Misted double glazing

We offer window and door repair services as well as locksmith services. We tend to get quizzed about misted double glazing when on lockout jobs. Basically if a double glazing unit becomes misted then it means the seal has failed and is now letting in air which in turn causes condensation to form inside the glass. There are some DIY drilling methods of combating this build up of water but these methods do render the windows rather useless in regards to insulation (which is one of the main reasons for having double glazing in the first place).  Replacing the misted glass is something we recommend as it will restore full health to your double glazing and eliminate the eyesore of the dirty looking misted glass (which can devalue your property).

Replacing the glass is relatively cheap, comes with a 2 year guarantee and we can usually get the job done the same day. We give free quotations with no obligations as all companies should ;) 01902 634913