Wednesday 6 April 2011

Old safes and treasure hunters

Today I was given an old safe by a customer who just wanted to know what was inside it. So I picked the safe open and all was revealed..........It was empty! I have opened many old and mysterious safes for many excited customers who expect to uncover a fortune but it's always the same story. However, I once opened a huge safe in an old pub which contained a single 5 pence piece.

I usually just make keys for these old safes and sell them on, I think I'll keep this particular safe for my shop ;)

Friday 1 April 2011

Walsh & Jefferies

Congratulations to Dan Walsh (mechanical engineer) and Leigh Jefferies (landscape gardener) for successfully completing our 5 day locksmith course.

Dan is being made redundant next month as his employers are moving their business to India. Better West Midlands have funded his locksmith training with us so that he can start a new venture. Dan has been on many training courses in the past and says that our course beats them all. Dan was pleased that our course did not involve such things as PowerPoint presentations or white board diagrams and that our course is hands on from the start. Dan's only concerns were the dreams he was having about mortice locks chasing him down the street.

Leigh has funded his own locksmith training with us and has been looking to get into something new for a while. Leigh liked the variation of locks that he got to open, the free breakfasts from the cafe and the way that we teach each individual differently. The curtain wheel mortice locks were a challenge but he got through them in the end!

Hello all

Welcome to our Locksmith blog for thanks to Luke from Introclusor for doing everything on our new website and for showing us how to use it all ;).

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